At BEST MEDICAL DIET S.L. We work in the design, manufacture and packaging of cosmetic products, food supplements and functional food. Given the nature of our organization, we have a clear commitment to quality, food safety and the environment. From the Management of this company, and through this Policy, we want to convey both to our staff and to any person related to us or our products, our principles of

• Maintain the highest level of product quality, food safety and authenticity in all our products, from production, packaging, storage and distribution, guaranteeing safe products, with full focus on satisfying the needs of our customers and always keeping in mind in everything the process the protection of the environment. To maintain the highest level of efficiency, the activities of BEST MEDICAL DIET S.L. in procedures and technical instructions, and the Prerequisite Programs necessary for quality assurance and food hygiene have been developed.
• The basic philosophy is to maintain a food safety culture by instilling shared values, beliefs and norms that affect food safety mindsets and behaviors throughout the entire BEST MEDICAL DIETS.L organization.
• Adopt principles of continuous improvement and minimization of the environmental impacts of the organization, through the establishment of objectives, the updated training of all personnel, the systematic control of the legislation that applies to us, and the establishment of active communication channels both with internal staff (for proposals for improvement) and with our customers (for feedback on their own requirements, their satisfaction and their needs for improvement).
• The prevention of contamination of the environmental aspects detected in all areas of the company, as well as a clear objective to minimize consumption.
• The Management undertakes to review this policy annually and to make the necessary adjustments to the management system to ensure that it is in line with legal requirements, that safe and high-quality products continue to be produced, and that the efficiency of the system is continually improved. integrated management system for quality, environment and food safety.

This policy will be exposed in the facilities of BEST MEDICAL DIET S.L. and on the website available to any person or entity that requests it.
In Seville on August 02, 2021

Cristian Luque Ruiz
Manager of Best Medical Diet S.L.