New manufacturing line of bilayer compressed food supplements đź’Š

After the good results obtained since we started manufacturing chewable tablets four years ago and in our desire to innovate and respond to the demand of an increasingly demanding market, we have incorporated a new manufacturing line into our production plant. bilayer tablets.

Bilayer tablet-type food supplements:

– release one or more different active pharmaceutical ingredients at different times;

– separate ingredients that would be incompatible if formulated together;

– combine an immediate release layer and a sustained release layer to maintain effective drug concentration for a long period of time.

The bilayer tablets have a bimodal release system, the first phase being immediate release and fast acting, while the second phase is controlled and sustained release, providing great versatility when formulating, providing highly attractive commercial claims. for clients and final consumers.

In this way, another interesting opportunity opens up to expand the product portfolio for our clients, already having a line of generics that we can present as turnkey projects or, our R&D department can develop formulations following the requested specifications.

For more information, you can contact us through your sales representative or through our contact form.

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