Best Medical Diet welcomes the visit of Foundation e-coordina

The aim of this NPO is the promotion of preventive culture, wellbeing and health in companies and organisations.

Foundatione-coordina is a non-profit NPO, whose objective is the promotion of health and safety in all possible areas.

Best Medical Diet, by taking advantage of the recent incorporation of our operations director, Ignacio Lago, to its advisory board, recently received a visit from a representation of the NPO Foundation e-coordina.

The delegation was formed by the director of the entity, Estefanía Gil, and Ana Fimia, Clinical Auditor of IBERMUTUA, and member of the advisory board of which Lago is a member, being an expert in the management of teams in the industrial sector.

Nueva Dietética.

The Foundation e-coordina’s representatives were able to learn about Nueva Dietética’s facilities and range of products from María Martín, Marketing Director of the Nueva Dietética group. Martín showed Ana Fimia and Estefanía Gil a wide range of Prisma Natural products. The visitors were even able to test our products, such as weight control food supplements (chips and bread), as well as the wide range of pharmacological products that cover a broad spectrum with natural and vitaminic principles for digestive, cardiovascular, menopausal, rest and energy-related symptoms, among others. They also learned more about the indications of collagen, as well as its different forms of presentation, since it is their main product.

Manufacturing and quality control.

On his part, the director of operations of Best Medical Diet, Ignacio Lago, showed the visitors the laboratory area, quality control and gave a complete guided tour of all the areas that contain the processes of analysis, study, subsequent manufacture and exhaustive quality controls of all the products of our company.

Ana Fimia, IBERMUTUA’s Clinical Auditor and member of the Foundation e-coordina’s advisory board for the health area, expressed her satisfaction after learning about the hard work carried out by the people who make up our teams of people.

Estefanía Gil, as director of the Foundation, thanked Best Medical Diet and Nueva Dietética for their support, opening the doors of the company to the Foundation not only so that they could get to know it first hand, but also facilitating the participation of Ignacio Lago in its advisory board, showing their real concern for the corporate social responsibility of the business group. She highlighted the satisfaction for the Foundation to have Ignacio Lago (Operations Director of Best Medical Diet) for his professional career and experience in the management of people, always promoting their wellbeing.

During the visit, Estefanía Gil, did not want to miss the opportunity to communicate to Cristian Luque Ruiz, CEO of Best Medical Diet, her support for the company, as they both pursue the same common goal of continuous improvement in the welfare of people whatever their situation.

In addition, Estefanía Gil and Ana Fimia were able to see in person the real commitment of Best Medical Diet to its corporate social responsibility, who in the words of its director wanted to “… personally thank you for your firm commitment to people’s health and for having gone beyond mere compliance by channelling it through Ignacio Lago, member of the advisory board of the Foundation (e-coordina)…”.

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