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What We Offer

Fabricación de fórmulas para tercerosWe have several lines of production: cosmetics, dietetics and food supplements, which allow us to offer our customers flexibility and adaptability in their production volumes, galenic forms, packaging formats and production times. We can produce your own formula or exclusively design one for you.

Marcas blancasWe have latest generation machinery, the best raw materials and active principles, in line with the market trend, so that your company can become highly competitive with products that meet current national and international legislation and that also have an excellent price/quality ratio.

Proyectos Llave en manoWe can offer you integral solutions in your project preparation. We design, formulate and produce your customised product, adapting it to your requirements and always with the highest standards in efficiency, safety, commitment and agility, and always honouring confidentiality agreements.


We are the only Spanish manufacturer of liquid for electronic cigarettes (e-liquid), offering a wide range of flavors and compositions, as well as a short delivery time thanks to our insitu manufacture.


Tramitación LegalLegal processing onto the market


Diseño de productosThis service is offered through our design department that can create an exclusive image for your product, adapting it to the chosen packaging


EnvasadoA wide range of packaging products is available on request. Please contact us for more information.

PackagingWe are experts in importation and exportation, so we can give you advice on all the legal requirements in both of these areas